Here is a list of fun ways for teams to engage their family and friends when raising money for their cause.

Canning – Create an autism awareness information board, enlist some of your friends as volunteers, and collect donations outside of your local supermarket.  TIP:  Make sure to first receive permission from the store.

Change Jar – Each team member takes a jar and the first person to fill it up gets a prize. Start off with small jars and increase in size each round. Prizes get better each round.

Game Night – Host a party and have every team member brings their favorite game.  $10 to get in the door!  Or hold a card tournament with a $20 entry fee – half goes to the winner and half goes to your Lace It Face It Walk for Autism team.  Don’t forget to set up a concessions stand for some extra fundraising.

Garage Sale – Team members band together by donating items for one huge garage sale. Advertise wherever you can.  Make sure people know where their donations go!

Karaoke Night – Hold this event at a popular neighborhood spot and charge entrance OR rent a karaoke machine and hold a tournament at your house.  Participants can sing their hearts out for autism and voting is done in dollars!

Network – Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social networking sites?  Use it to let your friends and family across the country know about your fundraising efforts for the Lace It Face It Walk for Autism.  Post updates on your goal and your progress.  Include links to your Walk Webpage.

Wine Tasting Party – Get the wine, cheese, and chocolate donated or pull from your team members’ stashes! Invite all your friends to come and charge admission.

Workout Fun – Yoga / Zumba / Spin / Basketball / Soccer – Invite friends and family to participate.  Find an instructor that will donate proceeds back to your team. Afterwards, provide workout treats and ask for donations.  Train for your 5k and raise money at the same time!