Company teams and co-workers enjoy camaraderie in the workplace.  Use incentives prizes like a prime parking spot, a comp day or company promotional wear to add to the fun.  

Paper Pinups for Sale – Sell an Autism Puzzle-Piece Paper Pinup for a $1.  Customers or employees can sign the paper pinup and they can be hung on a giving wall in the office or store.

Crazy Hat Day, Jeans Day, PJ Day, Sports Team Day – Have co-workers donate $5 to participate.

Jail and Bail – Kidnap a boss or owner, and ship them off to jail. They can post their own bail or they can solicit bail from friends, family, and employees.

Office Olympics – Have a fun day at work. Hold events like typing competitions, swivel chair races, staple pull contests, stress ball toss, water cooler drinking game, etc. Ask all athletes to pay an entry fee.

Pancake Breakfast – This is a perfect event to host before work. Create a mouthwatering hot breakfast menu with coffee and juice.  Charge $10 a plate!

Spot the Baby Competition – Have everyone bring a baby.  Have co-workers, friends, or family see who can name the most.  Charge $5 for each entry.

VIP Parking – Raffle off that coveted parking spot for a year!

Zzzzzzs – Pay a fee to catch some extras Zs and come in late to work one Friday.