Here is a list of fun ways for schools to raise money for the cause.

Car Wash – Get your soap and sponges ready – wash cars and donate the proceeds.  Find a popular location to get more visibility and raise more money.

Lemonade Stand – It’s classic and effective. Let the kids help out and make the lemonade with a twist – add fresh fruit, serve as a slushy, or add an adult beverage.

Movie Night – Host a movie night in the school auditorium. Sell popcorn, homemade treats, drinks, and candy.

Pajama Day/Crazy Hat Day – Pay a small fee to wear pajamas or a crazy hat to school.

Penny Wars or Change for Change – Each classroom competes to fill a jug.  Offer a pizza party to the winner as an incentive.

Photo Booth – Set up a booth with a variety of props at lunch or in conjunction with another event and take photos with your smart phone for a donation. 

Sporting Event – Raise awareness and funds.  Hold a 50/50, raffle, donate concession sales or just simply collect donations by canning at the event.  Announcer can share autism facts and information.

Sweets Sale – Make your favorite sweets and sell them at school.  Make in the shape of puzzle pieces or the autism awareness ribbon.  You can buy miniature candies and sell those too for a small donation.